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Det är dags för en ny blogg att presenteras och idag har turen kommit till härliga Bloesem, som skrivs av Irene från Holland. Trevlig läsning!

It´s time for a new blog to be presented and today the turn has come to  lovely Bloesem by Irene from Holland. Happy reading!



Pethra; How long have you been blogging and how come you started blogging?

Irene; Bloesem was launched in December of 2006. For me Bloesem is the ideal medium to express my passions... I had been working as a freelance graphic designer for a number of years and I am also a fanatic reader of everything that has to do with design... basically, design is always on my mind... Bloesem brought all of this together. Blogging is such a great way to communicate with the world. I feel that I finally found something that is the perfect fit for me and my lifestyle... my family and I travel around the world extensively and I can take Bloesem with me wherever we go.

Pethra: What is it like to live in Holland, where there is so much innovative new design, as well as a very impressive history when it comes to art?

Irene: Holland is a beautiful country and it will always be my home. For me there is one place in Holland that characterizes everything I love about my country (and is mentioned often on Bloesem...), that place is Amsterdam, walking in Amsterdam is like strolling in a museum and at the same time you feel the pulse of a vibrant and modern city. My feeling is that a key success factor to Dutch design/art (now and in the past) has been that Holland is a place where everybody can express him/herself in any possible way, no matter how bizarre or outrageous your idea might be, there is always room for something different. There are almost no restrictions when it comes down to creative expressions, so I guess tolerance plays a big role. Dutch design is very recognizable to me... strong and sometimes harsh lines, the typical use of colors, it always looks a bit different, a bit off (okay? that´s enough patriotism, especially for a Dutch person...)

Pethra: Favourite designers?

Irene: Aha... there are many and I am adding to my list every week... but I guess (as I suspect is the case for many of my generation...) I am inspired most by contemporary artists/designers of the 20th century. Among my favorites are Robin & Lucienne Day. But I am also in love with some pieces by designers of our day. Hella Jongerius "Polder Sofa" is high on my wish list as as the "Antropomorfo chairs" by GAMplusFRATESI. When it comes down to the interior design of my home, I have a very special place in my heart for my dear friends Xander and Leon of Xandl (you may have seen them at Bloesom from time to time) What I love about their work is that it so clearly shows their passion and incredible craftmanship, we have one of their mobiles and they made a lamp for us just before we moved to Toronto two years ago. These pieces follow us all over the world. Finding the right wall art is always a challenge for me, but fortunately there is Etsy! So many amazing prints by talented artists. In my new home I am dedicating a complete wall to my Etsy finds! Oh, and in case you hadn´t noticed, I just love ceramics!

Pethra: Blogs you visit frequently?

Irene: So many. Visiting blogs and (trying) to keep up with what´s going on is very much part of my daily routine. It is very hard to name just a few, but these are some of the blogs that are on top of my reading list; Sia, Grijs, D*S, Crust Station, Optimist, Decos8, Emmas blog, Hoping for happy accidents, 2views, Poppy, and of course your beautiful blog!

Pethra: You are moving to Kuala Lumpur now. Why and for how long? Will you report design trends from Malaysia on Bloesem?

Irene: My husband found an exciting new job in KL so that is why we´re moving there. So far he has taken us from Amsterdam to Paris, London, NY and Toronto, and now to KL. It has been great to llive in there beautiful cities and experience the people and cultures, but to be honest it is time we stopped moving around and settle down for a longer period of time. KL has a good feel about it, I am definately planning to report on design trends in Malaysia and Asia in general, also I will try and make contact with local bloggers and artists to learn more about Asian design. So that is of one the likely changes you will see on Bloesem in the months ahead.

Pethra: What are your goals with Bloesem?

Irene: I feel very passionate about Bloesem and I think this drive has helped Bloesem grow more quickly than I had expected. I would be happy if Bloesem  would evolve in accordance with my life, Bloesem is very much a creative expression of who I am today. I am sure my ideas about design and life in general will develop over the years and it would be great if I could continue sharing this with my readers for many years to come!

Pethra: Describe your own decoration style at home. Three design items that you would never let inside your house?

Irene: My style is very much "Bungalow-style", mid-century furniture combined with objects of less-known artists as well as some affordable IKEA-pieces (I bought a beautiful IKEA-vase designed by Hella Jongerius!) Less is more in my home, not too many objects, a quiet atmosphere with soft and earth-like colors, I like to stick to natural materials. Some things you won´t find in my home are big mirrors, items enlarged from their original size or plastics. 

Finally I would like to thank you Pethra for doing this interview with me... it´s a huge honor!


And I would like to thank you, Irene, for taking time answering my questions. Having lived in Malaysia for five years myself I must admit I am a bit envious of you right now... Don´t forget to eat roti canai with daal for breakfast, to feast on mangosteens when they are in season, enjoy wan tan mee in food stalls and lots of satay with peanut butter sauce. Stroll around Malacca on your own, celebrate Chinese new year, Deepavali and Malay festivities. (An advice, if you are invited to more than one house on Deepavali, don´t eat to much in the first house, even though it´s delicious, you will be served lovely dishes in the next place too... I say this from my own experience, after being invited to four homes on Deepavali our first year in Malaysia.)

I could go on forever. Malaysia is a wonderful country, and you are lucky to have the opportunity to spend some time there! Good luck with everything! 


Postat av: Purple

Intressant läsning!!

2007-06-18 @ 09:13:05
Postat av: Hemmarikets Charlotte

Vilken härlig blogg du tipsar om och vilken spännande intervju. Malaysia låter ju jättehäftigt! Mustiga härliga asiatiska färger och fint hantverk!

2007-06-18 @ 11:03:31
Postat av: scrolla

Tack Pethra - kul och bra läsning!

2007-06-18 @ 11:34:46
Postat av: Pia L

Jättekul läsning. Fick mig att längta tillbaka till Amsterdam...

2007-06-18 @ 14:18:41
Postat av: art[e]fact


2007-06-18 @ 16:56:08
Postat av: Kix

Intressant intervju och bloggen är väldigt trevlig.

2007-06-18 @ 22:31:01
Postat av: julie

Loved reading more about lovely Irene..thanks a lot - such wonderful passion for Amsterdam!

2007-06-19 @ 08:08:04

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