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Made by Girl

This is my first posting in a new category, "Great blogs", where I will show blogs that I like and think are worth recommending. I start off with Madebygirl by Jennifer Ramos, a great blog, with lots of colour and interesting design. Enjoy!



Pethra: Please tell us about Made by Girl, both your business and the blog. How did it get started?

Jennifer: Madebygirl was started before my blog. I started a year ago wanting to create unique coffee tables for my own home. My friends were amazed by the first one I made, they thought I should make more. I felt it was quite a challenge but one that I wanted to take on. I love to build things and come up with concepts for designs. I´ve always been fascinated by interiors and this was my chance to make a product that others would love to have in their homes.  Shortly afterwards I started my blog.

Pethra: You have no formal training in furniture design, still you are successful with what you do. How do you accomplish that?

Jennifer: It´s a learning process everyday. In every job you´re in, you learn things you didn´t know the day before. I like that feeling. I never had formal training but feel confident enough in what I´m creating to make it work.

There were times I´ve had to ask others how things work or read up on it, I still keep books close by for reference.

Pethra: Do you have any favourite designers, someone who inspires you?

Jennifer: I love Kara Mann, Marjorie Skouras, Miles Redd and Jamie Drake. They all have such talent and a natural ability to create beautiful interiors.

Pethra: How would you describe your decoration style?

Jennifer: A rock n roll edge mixed with an antique style.

Pethra: What materials do you work with?
Jennifer: Depends what I´m making, if it´s a coffee table? I can use leathers, a mahogany table, decorative tacks etc?

Pethra: Has the blog helped your business success?

Jennifer: I don´t think most people on blogs are out there looking to buy new products. I think they go around giving their opinions on things and not necessarily buying much. I still use it, but it hasn´t proven to be that effective for me yet.

Pethra: Do you have any advice to give someone who wants to start their own business in the design area?

Jennifer: You must have lots of drive, patience, money and lots of passion for what you do. Read up on what it is you want to start up and do lots of research. Ask others in the industry questions. Ask your friends for feedback etc?. Just give it your best shot, if you don´t succeed, the important thing is, at least you tried.


Postat av: Lina

Kul läsning! Tack för tipset om hennes blogg, där fanns mycket inspiration och roliga prylar :)

2007-06-07 @ 09:46:55
Postat av: Helena på ROOMSERVICE

Heja! Hon är duktig!

2007-06-07 @ 16:03:42
Postat av: art[e]fact

Vad kul!!

2007-06-07 @ 22:45:22

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